Non-US Release

Album, Smith's mini-film frames
Baggie figure, Non-US release
Biscuit Wrapper, Burton's UK
Bottle cap, Episode VI set
Bottle cap, Japanese release, Luke Jedi
Canadian OTC MOC Jabba's Palace
Canadian POTF2 MOC orange cardback
Candy, Sonric (Spain)
Clothing Decal, ROTJ Luke/Vader, Australia
Coin case, lightsaber
First shot, carded TopToys
Italian POTF2 MOC green cardback
Japanese POTF2 MOC green cardback
Juice glass, France, Luke versus Vader
Juice glass, France, Yoda and Luke
Keychain, Takara Tomy Arts
Letter, Palitoy Bounty Hunters offer
Lili Ledy ROTJ MOC, black cardback
Lunchbox, ROTJ Canadian version
Movie Cards, Non-US
Napkins, ROTJ Designware Party Luncheon, large, Canadian
Night light, lightsaber
OPC Star Wars Return of the Jedi card pack
Oral-B Luke Skywalker toothbrush, Canadian version
PBP Cardback, Luke Jedi
Pin set, Episode III, UK, loose
Pogs, Canada Games
POTF2 FX Luke Jedi figure, Italian (GiG), MOC
POTF2 FX Luke Jedi figure, Trilogo, Prototype
Proof Sheet, TopToys
Puzzle, La Guerra De Las Galaxias, 60 piece
Rancor Monster, Lili Ledy
Remote Control, lightsaber version 2
ROTJ Jabba the Hutt playset - Canadian release
ROTJ MIB Ewok Village playset, Canadian release
ROTJ MIB Ewok Village playset, Tri-logo release
Sonric figure, Luke Skywalker
Spanish coin, Luke Skywalker
Star Wars Mexico Cookie Promo Luke PVC Figure
Stickers, Harpers Dog Chow
Stickers, reusable, Topps Canada
Swedish Soda Bottle label (Jedi Läsk)
TAC 30th Anniversary, Luke Jedi, Canadian
Tissues, Zewa Softis
Toltoys ROTJ MOC 65 back
TopToys, Luke Jedi, Hardcopy
TopToys, Luke Jedi, loose
TopToys, Luke Jedi, mis-card - FAKE
TopToys, Luke Jedi, MOC
Trilogo One Man Sail Skiff
Trilogo ROTJ MIB Rancor monster
Trilogo ROTJ MOC, Made in Macau
TVC, Luke Jedi, Jedi Knight Outfit, Canadian release, hole/peg, cuffs near saber hilt
Vending Box, Canada Games Pogs

incl descriptions
You can see more of this collection on the premiere episode of Star Wars: Cribs!

Variation list coming soon!

Has gone the way of Kenner :(
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