Modern Misc

3D Valentines
Action Fleet Battle Pack #15, Endor Victory
Action Fleet Battle Pack #15, Luke Jedi, loose figure
Action Fleet Battle Pack #6, Dune Sea Pack
Action Fleet Battle Pack #6, Luke Jedi, loose figure
Advance Graphics 3-D cube
Applause Clash of the Jedi Diorama
Attacktix Luke Skywalker First Shot
Attacktix Luke Skywalker loose
Attacktix Luke Skywalker unpainted production figure
Attacktix Starter Set, Series 3
Attakus Luke Skywalker statue
Autographed picture
Autographed plague - Mark Hamill
Bag, Burger King Star Wars promotional
Bill Cable original artwork
Bookmark, Bantam Books
Booster Pack - SW Universe Miniatures
Burger King Choose your Destiny game piece, horizontal
Burger King Choose your Destiny game piece, vertical
Burger King Super-D Luke Jedi
Celebration 3 Collector Panel trading card
Code 3 Return of the Jedi movie poster collectible mini sculpture
Code 3 Return of the Jedi movie poster collectible sculpture
Coin, 30th Anniversary Collection (TAC)
Coin, 30th Anniversary, Episode VI
Coin, 30th Anniversary, Luke Skywalker
Comic Two-Pack, Dark Empire II
Commemorative Tin, four pack, 2006
Commemorative Tin, four pack, 2007
Custom drink coasters
Custom MOC Kubrick style figure
Daily SW Trivia Calendar, March 23, 2005
Electronic lightsaber, 2 pack
Electronic Lightsaber, Luke Skywalker
Galactic Heroes Jabba's Palace - Target Exclusive
Hallmark 2002 Ornament
Hallmark 2002 Ornament, loose
Keychain, lightsaber
Kubrick Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, loose with cloak
Kubrick Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, loose with hair
Kubrick MISB Jedi Knight Luke Jedi
Kudos box
LEGO Custom carded figure
Lightsaber 2-pack
Lightsaber 2-pack, TAC packaging
Lottery scracther game, Star Wars, California
Luke Skywalker vs Prince Xizor 2 pack bootleg
MicroMachines, R2-D2 Transforming Playset
Micromachines, R2-D2 Transforming Playset, Luke Jedi, loose
Micromachines, Royal Guard Transforming Playset
Micromachines, Royal Guard Transforming Playset, Luke Jedi, loose
MicroMachines, Shadows of the Empire III, Luke Jedi, loose
Mini figure, Epic Duels Game, Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight
Mini figure, Luke Skywalker Jedi Academy
Mini figure, Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight, Rebel Storm
Mini figure, Luke Skywalker Jedi Master, Universe
Mini figure, Luke Skywalker, Champions of the Force
Mini figure, Luke Skywalker, Legacy of the Light Side
Miniature Luke Jedi pack-in
Mug, Applause figural
Mug, Luke vs Vader
Original chalk drawing used by Kenner
Party Bags, ROTJ Designware
Pin set, Episode III, UK, loose
Plate, Hamilton Collection, Luke Skywalker
Plate, Hamilton Collection, Return of the Jedi
Playskool figure with Speeder Board
Playskool Luke Jedi figure, loose
Playskool Speederbike
POTF2 Figure Maker
POTF2 Luke Skywalker bootleg
POTF2 Luke Skywalker bootleg
Prototype, Attakus Luke Skywalker statue
Puzzle, ROTJ Waddingtons 150 piece
Rebel Storm Starter Set - Star Wars Miniatures
Remote Control lightsaber, Universal
ROTJ Lunchbox replica, Hallmark
ROTJ Puzzle
Star Wars Classic Collectors Series by Applause
Star Wars Easter Basket
Star Wars Mexico Cookie Promo Luke PVC Figure
Star Wars Weekends Disney Pin
Star Wars: Swarm War book
Store Poster, Rebel Storm, Star Wars Miniatures
Store Poster, Topps Star Wars Galaxy, Series 4
Tomy Japanese exclusive figure on sail barge
Topps Star Wars Finest promo card
Toy car, Cheerios mail away
Toys R Us Hasbro / LEGO toy selector
Twentieth Anniversary, Gold Card Set
Unleashed figure and stand, graphic packaging
Unleashed figure and stand, original packaging
Unleashed figure and stand, round packaging

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You can see more of this collection on the premiere episode of Star Wars: Cribs!

Variation list coming soon!

Has gone the way of Kenner :(
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