1983 Star Wars Fan Club Member Renewal Flyer
2008 Wall Calendar
3D Valentines
45 rpm record, Return of the Jedi
70mm Collector Film cel
Action Fleet Battle Pack #15, Endor Victory
Action Fleet Battle Pack #15, Luke Jedi, loose figure
Action Fleet Battle Pack #6, Dune Sea Pack
Ad, Clipper
Advance Graphics 3-D cube
Album, Smith's mini-film frames
Applause Clash of the Jedi Diorama
Applause Luke Jedi figure
Applause Luke Jedi figure, first shot, approval sample
Applause Luke Jedi figure, test shot
Attakus Luke Skywalker statue
Autographed Photo, Luke & Leia on Sail Barge, b&w photo
Autographed Photo, Luke & Leia on Sail Barge, color photo
Autographed picture
Autographed plague - Mark Hamill
Badge, Celebration Japan, Saturday
Bag, Burger King Star Wars promotional
Book, A Pop-up Guide to the Galaxy
Book, Pop-up, ROTJ, Random House
Book, ROTJ
Bookmark, Antioch
Bookmark, Bantam Books
Bookmark, Dark Horse
Bookmark, Random House
Booster Pack - SW Universe Miniatures
Bumper Sticker, 2008 Vote (Luke Jedi)
Burger King Choose your Destiny game piece, horizontal
Burger King Choose your Destiny game piece, vertical
Burger King Super-D Luke Jedi
Button, 10th Anniversary Star Wars
Button, 2008 Vote (Luke Jedi)
Car, Lightning McQueen as Jedi Luke Skywalker
Carnival Mirror, ROTJ
Celebration 3 Collector Panel trading card
Centerpiece, ROTJ Designware
Cereal promotion, lightsaber
Children's Book, Jedi Training and Trials Quiz Book
Chromart Print, ROTJ Video Key Art
Classic Star Wars Comic Return of the Jedi #2 Mint
Code 3 Return of the Jedi movie poster collectible sculpture
Coin case, lightsaber
Comic, Dark Horse, Classic Star Wars Return of the Jedi
Commemorative Tin, four pack, 2006
Commemorative Tin, four pack, 2007
Curtains, ROTJ
Custom drink coasters
Custom Kubrick style loose figure
Custom MOC Kubrick style figure
Custom Playmobile Luke Jedi figure
Custom Star Wars hanger sign
Custom, Iron-on t-shirt
Daily SW Trivia Calendar, March 23, 2005
Dave Dorman artwork
Desk Calendar, 2005
Desk Calendar, 2009 Concept to Screen
Desktop wallpaper image, custom
Disney Action Figure, Mickey as Luke Jedi
Disney Action Figure, Mickey as Luke Jedi, loose
Display box, Star Wars Galaxy 4 Trading Cards
Display box, Star Wars Galaxy 5 Trading Cards
Dixie Kitchen Cups
Doritos Promotional sign, large
Doritos Promotional sign, small
Electronic Game, Star Wars Quiz Wiz
Electronic lightsaber, 2 pack
Electronic Lightsaber, Luke Skywalker
Episode III Pop-tarts box
Fighter Pods, Jedi Starfighter pack
Fighter Pods, Luke Jedi figure
Fighter Pods, Millennium Falcon pack
Fighter Pods, Series 1 four pack
Fighter Pods, Series 1 Sample pack
Fighter Pods, Sith Infiltrator pack
Fighter Pods, Snowspeeder vs AT-AT pack
Gentle Giants Jumbo Vintage Luke Jedi figure
Gentle Giants Luke Jedi mini-bust
Graphic, Star Wars Personality Test
Greeting Card, Foldout Birthday
Greeting Card, Luke Jedi Costume Party
Hallmark 2002 Ornament
Hallmark 2002 Ornament, loose
Honorary Jedi Knight Certificate
In Character Star Wars Luke Skywalker figure
Keychain, Canadian
Keychain, Clone Wars, Luke Jedi
Keychain, lightsaber
Kid's Book, Golden Books Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight
Kite, ROTJ 8 panel box kite
Kite, ROTJ Luke Skywalker
Kite, ROTJ Luke vs Vader
Knitsaber, Luke Jedi
Kubrick MISB Jedi Knight Luke Jedi
Kubrick, Luke Jedi, Deluxe Series 1, Jabbas Palace
Kubrick, Luke Jedi, Deluxe Series 1, Jabbas Palace, display box
Kubrick, Luke Jedi, Deluxe Series 1, Jabbas Palace, loose
Kubrick-like figure 4-pack, Return of the Jedi
Kudos box
Laminated poster/placemat
LEGO Custom carded figure
LEGO Star Wars - Complete Saga video game
LEGO Star Wars II video game
LEGO Star Wars The Complete Saga preorder card
Lightsaber 2-pack, Costco Exclusive
Lottery scracther game, Star Wars, California
Lunchbox, ROTJ metal
Magazine, Life, June 1983
Magazine, Time, Return of Star Wars
Membership Card, Oral B Star Wars Plaque Fighters
Metal Card Set, Star Wars Jedi Knights set
Metallic Impression ROTJ card #48
Metallic Impression ROTJ card #49
Metallic Impression ROTJ card #50
Metallic Impression ROTJ card #59
Metallic Impressions Collector Card set - ROTJ limited edition
MicroMachines, Shadows of the Empire III, Luke Jedi, loose
Mimobot, USB flash drive, Luke Jedi
Mini-figure, Disney Park Series 12, Luke Jedi
Model Kit, Snap - Jabba's Throne Room
Motion Postcard, Fan Club
Mug, Applause figural
Mug, Luke vs Vader
Napkins, ROTJ Designware Party Beverage, small
Napkins, ROTJ Designware Party Luncheon, large
Napkins, ROTJ Designware Party Luncheon, large, Canadian
Night light, lightsaber
Night Stand, ROTJ American Toy & Furniture Co.
Nintendo DS lunchbox
Outfit, original Luke Jedi costume
Party Bags, ROTJ Designware
Party Cups, 8 oz, ROTJ Designware
Party Hats, ROTJ Designware
Party Invitations, ROTJ Designware
Party Plates, ROTJ Designware, 7 inch
Party Plates, ROTJ Designware, 9 inch
Pencil set
Photo Button, ROTJ
Pin set, Episode III, UK
Plate, Hamilton Collection, Duel in the Emperors Throne Room
Plate, Hamilton Collection, Heroes & Villians, Emperor
Plate, Hamilton Collection, Luke Skywalker
Plate, Hamilton Collection, Return of the Jedi
Playing Card set
Playing Cards - Heroes & Villians
Playskool figure with Speeder Board
Pog, Topps Luke Jedi #62
Pogs, Canada Games
Pop! Vinyl Bobble-Head, Luke Jedi
Postcard, Oral B Dental Check-up
Poster, "All I need to know about life I learned from Star Wars"
Poster, Hasbro Saga Legends
Poster, small Luke Emperor Vader
Poster, small ROTJ
Prototype, Attakus Luke Skywalker statue
Puzzle, Match Blocks, ROTJ
Puzzle, Mural
Puzzle, ROTJ Waddingtons 150 piece
Quiz Wiz electronic game
Quotable Magnet, Luke Jedi and Emperor
Quotable Magnet, Luke Jedi and Jabba
Record, Sony presents John Williams conducts
Redemption Form, Kenner Promo ROTJ Poster
Reinforcements, foil, ROTJ pack
Remote Control lightsaber, Universal
Remote Control, lightsaber version 2
ROTJ Action Figure Carrying Case
ROTJ DVD Release, Circuit City exclusive lithograph
ROTJ DVD Release, Walmart exclusive comic
ROTJ Metal movie poster
ROTJ Puzzle
ROTJ record, story picture disk
ROTJ Theatrical release poster, initial
Saga MIB Electronic lightsaber
Saga MIB Electronic lightsaber
Screamin' model figure kit
Sigma Luke Skywalker statue
Skin, Sony PSP
Star Wars Classic Collectors Series by Applause
Star Wars Miniature Champions of the Force Booster Pack box
Star Wars Special Edition Trilogy cube
Star Wars Tales #8
Star Wars Weekend pin
Star Wars Weekends Disney Pin
Star Wars: Swarm War book
Sticker, Kellogg Series 1
Stickers, reusable, Topps Canada
Stickers, ROTJ DVD release
Store promo, Masters of Teras Kasi
Tablecover, ROTJ Designware Party
The History Channel promotional, The Legacy Revealed
The Story of Star Wars Return of the Jedi Record
Tin, box ROTJ
Tin, large round ROTJ
Tin, medium round ROTJ
Tom Hodges sketch
Tomy Japanese exclusive figure on sail barge
TOMY mini lightsaber keychain
Toy car, Cheerios mail away
Toys R Us Hasbro / LEGO toy selector
Trading Card Game, ROTJ, Wizards of the Coast
Trading Card, Lightning McQueen as Jedi Luke Skywalker
Trading Card, Spain
Trading Card, Topps Luke Jedi
Trading Card, Topps Mara Jade
Trash Can, ROTJ
Tray, tin ROTJ
Ultimate FX lightsaber, Luke Jedi
Valentine Cards, ROTJ Designware
Video Clip, Darth Tater
Wallet, Non-US release
Wrapper, Star Wars Galaxy 4 Trading Cards

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